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Teachers' is a physical, mental, and spiritual people or discipline that aims to transform the mind. Many studies have tried to determine...

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Performing arts will be very intrinsic to the development of a child's aesthetics in life. Music, dance, theatre etc will not be just about performance and shows ...

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Active learning goes beyond the boundaries of passive learning where the learner is only involved in reading, listening, seeing and writing ...

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Welcome to JPM College of Teacher's Training

JPM College of teachers' training is the place for you, if wish to join an institution college offering "ustained excellence", Inn the fast paced professional world of competition. you need to get updated with the latest technologies to sharpen you. Create an efftive future to stand ahead of the crowd, That is why keeping in view the need of the youth in mind Jamuna Prashad Memeorial trust started Jpm College of Teachers' training in Bareilly. JPM College of Teachers' training in Bareilly. JPm College of Teachers' training is starting 2 years B.T.C. course in 2012 with 50 intake.
The Institution is affiliated to SCERT, Lucknow duly apporved by National Council for Teachers' Education (NCTE) Governmentof India.
This college is situated on 21st KM. Bareilly -Nainital Highway, Near Atamanda Railway Station Road, Bareilly. It consists of latest facilities in terms of library, teaching aids & seminar halls etc. The campus has a lush green area in natural surrounding providing inner peace and clam atmosphere apt for the student to study.


The idea behind the establishment of the JPM college og teachers' training is to cultivate the apirant professional & teachers withprofessional competence, outstanding leadership qualities, personal integrity, sensitivity to ethical issues & empathy for the weak and less privilged.

  • JPM College of teachers' training is an innovative & enterpreneurial approach to learning in a culture that engages & challenge both the learner & the learned i their pursuit of learning

Our Core Beliefs:
  • Knowledge for sustainable living.

  • Inculcate Universal values.

  • Community outreach.

  • Leadership in action.

Why Us?

  • School Leader

    Directed by distinguished educationist Lata Vaidyanathan, Former Principal Modern School , Barakhamba .

  • Naturalistic learning

    Sustainable practices integrated in the curriculum.

  • Location

    At Delhi/ Gurgaon border with 100acres beautifully landscaped area .

  • Sporting as a way of life

    Sports facilities including cricket fields and golf fields and other sports facilities.

  • Day care

    Day care facility with provision of meal from a choice of any of the three functional kitchens

  • Mindfulness in education

    Nature walks for parents and children with intended action.

  • Happy schooling

    Children cycling to the school venue within the school campus to promote sustainable practices.

  • Campus as a live lab

    All sustainable practices are integral part of the campus and students can see them live, hence impactful.

" शिक्षक कभी साधारण नहीं होता प्रलय और निर्माण उसकी गोद मे पलते हैं | " - आचार्य चाणक्य

Our Chairman Message


Mr. Shyam Lal Kannojia


Chairman Message

JPM College of Teachers' training, are a brand name that provides an outstab\nding overview to quality professional education, reserch & strong industry interface, thereby providing a learning enviroment unparallel in terms of academic ambience to each & every student. We strive to cater well-organised student exchange program with premier instition & top universities in the world, state-of-the-art education infrastructures.
JPM Group function in a fully networked Wi-Fi campus contributing to & intellectual developement of information cultivated by a strong team of faculty & leading industry experts. Our high-calibar staff is one reason that the instutions & the courses are held in high esteem across the region & hence our stress in on innovation & the quality of research.
I extend a cordial welcome to the students joining the JPMCTT & wish them a very promising & successful professional career & life. Anticipation your valued Cooperation & Benevolent wishes...

" शिक्षा मानव को बंधनो से मुक्त करती हैं और आज के युग मे तो लोकतंत्र की भावना का आधार भी हैं | जन्म तथा अन्य कारणों से उत्पन जाति एवं वर्गगत विषमताओं को दूर करते हुए मनुष्य को इन सब से ऊपर उठती हैं | "