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Mr. Yogesh Patel


Managing Director Message

It gives me a sense of pride & immense pleasure to be of part of this Group which Helps students to cope up with ever changing & dynamic growing economices.

The blessing of god shall make this group, which is striving hard to be th number one. Not only in bareilly region but in entire Uttar Pradesh. the institution is fully equipped with all modern gadgets to cater not only the day to day teaching but also offering seminars, guest lectures by renowed academicians, eminet people from various Universities.

" Divinity created Human form of life as most advanced, more conscious & more intelligent than all other species of life." Human Child is most wonderful phenomene of Nature in the Evolution precess of life. Child needs early care by Parents & Education by Teachers' JPMCTT prepares such Intelligent resourceful & capable Teachers for their Education.

You are most welcome to particip[ate in this noble cause of education. Your cooperation shall be highly appreciated. Wishing you all the best in achiving your goals.

With Best Wishes...


Mrs. Rekha Patel


Manager Message

PMCTT is focusing to meet the need & requirement of providing education & facilities to the need & requirement of providing educatiuon & facilities to the downtrodden strata & outh of socity with particular focuse on woman flok in the region.

Through prope education dormant store house of endowd energy with in children gets awakened unfolding this vast source of immense potentialities to bloom in full spreading fragrance all over. The role of a teacher has changed from an authoritarian to a friendly guide, a manager, a facilitator, a psychologist & a judge simultaneously.

getting inspired by the views of Dr. S. Radha Krishan Jamuna Prasad Memorial College of Teachers' training ha sundertaken the task of preparing skilled teachers for education childre from among the aspring youth of the country.

JPMCTT provides most comprehensive & effective teachers training through specialists.

With Best Wishes...


Mr. Manoj C. Kandpal


Director Message

Education in modern age seeks to preserve transmit advance and commit to bring change for the betterment of society. The importance of education lies in the fact that it is considered a powerful instrument of social change. The education commission (1964-1966) has rightly observed."The destiny of India is now being shaped in her classrooms". In a world based on science and technology, it is education that determines he level of prosperity, welfare and security of the people. It is through education that a student learns how to live in society and contribute in the development of the nation. To realize this purpose of education, a nation has to provide the right type of education for shaping its destiny.

JPM College of Teachers' training has been striving for excellence in education and now has reached the height of expectation of its student. Leaving complacency aside, we wish to cover many more mile stones of progress with a mission "THE BEST IS YET TO BE".

With Best Wishes...